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Have a broken toilet? Need a toilet repair or replacement?

PLUMB MEDIC IS MELBOURNE’S toilet repair and replacement plumber with 15+ years experience.

If you need your broken toilet repaired or replaced FAST, call the team at PLUMB MEDIC AUSTRALIA. We have a team of specialist toilet repair plumbers on standby ready to come to your premises to fix any toilet issues you are experiencing.

Whether it’s a leaking toilet cistern, a cracked / damaged toilet bowl or a blocked toilet, the PLUMB MEDIC AUSTRALIA toilet repair team have seen just about every toilet problem you can think of. We will have your problem fixed quickly and at the most competitive price available whilst leaving your bathroom and toilet area super clean!

Specialist toilet repair plumber

Repairing your own toilet can be messy and frustrating! A clogged or broken toilet is not only a health hazard but can be a very unpleasant experience.

It’s a dirty job that’s much better left to a professional MELBOURNE toilet repair company like Inline Plumbing.

For any toilet repair or replacement job – Call PLUMB MEDIC for a Rapid response.


PLUMB MEDIC AUSTRALIA has plumbers on call 24/7 that are expert in all facets and operations of toilet repair.

Common Toilet Problems

There are a large number of reasons why your toilet may need repairing or replacing. Here are some of the most common toilet problems that require a fast repair or replacement.

Toilet Problem 1: Water Trickle & “Phantom Flushes”


Often you may hear your toilet spontaneously refill as if someone had flushed it. A toilet that runs intermittently or cuts on and off by itself has a problem that experts in the plumbing industry call a “phantom flush”.

Generally, the cause of a phantom flush is a slow leak (water trickle) from the toilet tank into the bowl. A bad flapper or flapper seat is generally the culprit. 

The solution to this toilet problem is to call a toilet repair plumber such as PLUMB MEDIC AUSTRALIA who will be able to fix the problem. This will generally be solved by completely draining the bowl and tank, checking and cleaning the flapper seat, and/or totally replacing the flapper if it’s worn or damaged.

Toilet Problem 2: Water Trickling Into the Tank

If you hear a continuing hissing sound coming from your toilet, it is most likely a result of water trickling into the toilet tank via the outside supply line. In this scenario, the parts to check within the toilet are the toilet float, the toilet refill tube and the toilet ballcock or inlet-valve assembly. 

Your specialist toilet repair plumber will first assess whether the float needs adjusting or whether it’s sticking. Next, they will check the refill tube isn’t inserted too far into the overflow tube. (It should extend only about 10 cm below the rim of the overflow tube.) If these adjustments do not solve the problem, you’ll probably need to completely replace the ballcock.

Toilet Problem 3: The Toilet Bowl Is Emptying Too Slowly

A toilet bowl that empties very slowly is known by plumbers as a “weak flush” and is usually caused by clogged holes underneath the rim of the toilet bowl.

Call PLUMB MEDIC for a fast and affordable toilet repair in Melbourne. Our plumbers will attend your site promptly to complete the job. A typical repair will involve using a piece of wire and a small mirror to poke gently into the flush holes to clear out any blockages. The wire can also be used to loosen items that may be blocking the siphon jet in the bottom of the toilet. 

Toilet Problem 4: The Dreaded Toilet Blockage

TOILET BLOCKAGES are the most common toilet problem and can be fixed either by yourself at home or with the assistance of an experienced toilet repair plumber, depending on the severity of the problem. 

Several tools can help you clear a blocked toilet drain. A force cup plunger is very effective and is the traditional tool for clearing minor blockages. Insert the force cup plunger into the drain, and pump forcefully. Slowly release the handle, letting a little water and check the drain is clear. Repeat if necessary. 

For serious blockages, call PLUMB MEDIC ON {1300988509}. We have access to high-quality equipment and have the experience to complete the job quickly and easily.

Toilet Problem 5: Leaky Seals

The everyday toilet has at least 5 seals with the potential for leaking. The solution for each leaking seal is to identify the faulty seal and tighten or replace it.

The biggest seal is the one between the bowl and the tank. A seal rupture here will cause a huge leak, with water pouring out from underneath the tank during each flush. Replacing this seal involves completely draining and removing the tank and is best completed by a professional who can simply remove the old seal and slide on a new one. The smaller seals at the mounting bolts and the base of the ballcock may also fail and cause smaller leaks. Your plumber will replace these in a similar fashion. Tightening the mounting nut may also be enough to stop the leak.

The final seal to watch for is the wax seal located on a plastic flange underneath the toilet base. If this important seal fails, the water leaking under the toilet could potentially rot the floor. If you caulk around the base of the toilet without repairing the leak it will trap the water, making the situation worse.

To repair a leak at the base of your toilet, your plumber will need to remove the toilet and replace the wax seal. If the leak is caused by a broken flange, get the help of a professional licensed plumber.

Call PLUMB MEDIC Toilet Repair Specialists Today

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