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A solar hot water system is a hot water system connected to solar panels. The solar panels absorb the sun rays and these rays transform into energy and thus transferred to heat the water stored inside the tank. The tank is either located at ground level or coupled with solar panels on the roof.
They offer high energy efficiency as the water collected from the panels is stored in the tanks and the gas booster only has to heat the water up slightly as its already around the 40 degrees after it is passed through the solar panels. Solar gas boosted the system to use up to 50% less gas than regular gas boosters not coupled with panels.


 Electric boosted solar hot water systems as a substitute to gas boosted systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and retain minimum ongoing operating costs. Solar water heaters have numerous benefits with just a few mentioned below, 

  • It is a cost-effective
  • Availability of government rebates
  • It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as compared to traditional gas or electric hot water systems.
  • It will affect a positive impact on the environment
  • It will reduce household or business energy costs by trapping natural and renewable energy

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