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When there is no hot water, many of us are left clueless about what the problem could be and what we need to do.

Here are some of the main water heater problems coupled with their possible solutions.

Common causes of no hot water in gas water heaters: 

When there is no hot water, many homeowners are left clueless about what the problem could be and what they need to do. Here are some of the main water heater problems coupled with their possible solutions:

1. No gas supply and gas leaks

A gas water heater cannot warm water if there is no gas supply. Homeowners with gas water heaters and don’t have hot water should first check the supply line. The problem can either be a gas leak or a failing gas valve.

Natural gas is colourless and odourless. Gas companies add a compound known as mercaptan to help homeowners detect a gas leak. A smell similar to that of a rotten egg or sulfur is a sign of gas leaks. If there is any unusual gas smell around the supply line, quickly lock the gas valve by giving it a downward push and then contact the gas company. The company will send a technician whose focus is to assess the supply line and fix any gas leak problem.

2. Failing gas valve

There could be no hot water because someone accidentally turned off the gas supply. The switch button could also have a defect. If the gas valve is faulty, find a professional gas fitting specialist to replace it. If the gas valve is secure and doesn’t have a malfunctioning issue, proceed and check the pilot light.

3. No pilot light

The pilot light goes off when there is no gas supply. If there is a gas supply and the pilot light is off, relight it.

Homeowners need to note that some new gas water heaters are not coming with pilot lights. They instead feature spark igniters or glow plugs. If this is the case, the homeowner should call a gas fitting professional.

DIY guys need to be careful when working with glow plugs and spark igniters. To avoid creating more trouble when attempting to fix a spark ignitor issue, carefully read the owner’s manual.

YouTube is turning people into DIY advocates. Many of us are now turning to Google and YouTube to know how to fix issues in their homes. DIY might help homeowners save money, but the risks are not worth it, especially when it comes to gas pipe installations.

A professional gas fitter has the skills and required tools for the project that not every homeowner can get. They also know which pipes and materials are safe for the job. Hiring a licensed gas fitter leaves homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their families and properties are safe from gas leak fires.

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