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Gas Hot Water Efficiency

With electricity bills skyrocketing in recent years, Australian households have had to re-think the way they use energy. The shift to natural gas-powered heating appliances has gained more and more momentum in that it offers long term cost-effectiveness and less carbon footprint when compared to sole electric dependant variants of heating appliances in our homes. Solar and gas energy when combined offer far greater energy-efficient hot water solution in our homes and is now leading the market in favour of older styled storage electric hot water systems offering 6-star energy ratings for consumers that are ever mindful of their effect on the environment around them. 

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

Continuous flow gas hot water systems are at the forefront of technology when it comes to hot water solutions for Australian homes and businesses. Their sleek compact design and simple installation make them a very popular and cost-effective choice for many of our clients. Plumb Medic are specialists in their field for maintenance, repair, and installation of all makes and models of continuous flow hot water systems and can offer same day installation and recommend the best model and output capacity unit that best suits your needs. Check out the picture on your left for an installation we just completed not long ago for a very happy couple in Northcote.  

As an alternative to simple gas storage hot water tanks that take up a lot of space and require larger permissions and clearances from building structures, continuous flow units often fit and can be installed in a way that saves you space in tight access areas of the home and offers a much neater more modern aesthetic.  

Above all, instantaneous (continuous flow) gas hot water systems have numerous benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Longevity and less long term maintenance 
  • pre-set at 50 degrees making hot water safety and reducing the chances of burns or scalding from hot water 
  • 6-star energy rating due to the advancements of flue heat condensing allowing little loss from overall heat exchanger sequence.
  • compact modern design that looks sleek and doesn’t take up too much room
  • only use gas when hot water is on-demand and never runs out of hot water
  • internal copper anti corrosive tank for clean hot water (no rust-ever)!

Natural Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Unlike a continuous flow hot water system, storage hot water units store the hot water and as the hot water is used from the tank the replacement water that enters the tank from the bottom is cold and turns on the thermostat which then re-heats the water tank up again to recover the hot water used. Storage hot water tanks (electric and gas models) have been in use for over 50 years worldwide and are often regarded or thought about as a simple hot water solution. Depending on the number of people in the home or size of the house serviced they can range from 50litres to 250litres or even larger for commercial applications. 6-star energy efficient gas storage units are now available and Plumb Medic is always on hand to help you with the best choice option that suits your needs, so call us today 24/7.

Repair or Replace.....?

Plumb Medic benefits you from the beginning. When you engage Plumb Medic we will only ever send a licensed Gas hot water plumber to your door. Unlike other plumbing companies that send you an apprentice to do licensed plumbers work, we will diagnose and isolate the issue promptly usually with in the first 15 minutes of arrival. We are professional and reliable and our vehicles are fully stocked with 95% of all major makes & models and the spare parts that are needed to get you under hot water again in no time. So Call Us Today.


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