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solar hot water system comprises roof-mounted solar panels and a water storage tank which is placed either at ground level (split system) or on the roof with the solar panels(close-coupled).
The solar panels absorb the sun rays and these rays transform into energy and thus transferred in the tank. It heats the water stored inside the tank to make it available for you when it is required.
Individuals often expect cold showers when they think about solar powered hot water particularly during moderate sunrays or heavy storms. But it is not necessarily every time. Solar hot water systems can be equipped with gas or electric solar boosters.
A solar-powered booster (Gas or Electric) operate as an alternative power source. It automatically operates at the time of moderate sunrays to ensure a constant stream of hot water available 24/7
However, solar hot water is certainly cost-effective and eventually can save approximately 60-70% of your annual energy bills in comparison with an electric water heater


Installing solar water heating combines numerous benefits, besides reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint, your able to reduce household or business energy costs by harnessing natural free clean energy.

Opting to install a solar hot water system is a great idea if you desire a positive impact on the environment while saving money long term on ever growing energy bills


In order for a solar hot water system to be efficient, it needs to be installed in the sunniest spot. You may want to consider buying a larger tank for less sunny days or increased hot water use. Most solar systems are equipped with a gas or electric booster element to maintain heat on less sunny days.

Over time, the low running costs of a well-chosen solar hot water system should make up for the time-consuming and comparatively expensive installation costs. A solar water system may provide as much as 90% of your hot water needs for free, without any greenhouse gas emissions. 


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