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Hot water heaters have a lifespan of around ten to fifteen years. While the lifespan is a good indicator of when to replace your hot water heater, there are other tell-tale signs to watch out for. PLUMB MEDIC AUSTRALIA shares some of these signs, and what could happen if you wait too long. 

You’ve found a leak

A common sign of problems with your hot water heater is a leak. Leaks can come with age. The heat from the water can cause the tank to expand and contract over time, making the machine more prone to denting or cracking.

Sediment build-up within the tank can also cause corrosion over the years. Walk around your hot water heating, and check for any cracks or water damage. If you notice a leak near the top of the hot water heater where the water comes in, it might be fixable. If it’s leaking from the tank, call a plumber for a replacement right away. 

There’s no hot water

There are a few reasons why your hot water heater isn’t producing hot water. A leak in the tank or gas line, a failing gas valve, or a malfunctioning thermostat might all be a culprit. If you’ve increased hot water consumption at home, it might be that your tank size needs an upgrade! A lack of function means you need to have the tank inspected, repair, or replaced soon. If the issue is gas-related, you don’t to take any chances by waiting.

The water is coloured

When a hot water heater ages, it may begin to rust. If this happens, it could change the colour of your water, or give it a strange taste. Not only is this not safe to consume, but it’s not healthy for your home’s plumbing system either. A tank that is rusting out on the inside will soon result in leaks. It could even cause a flood if the entire bottom of the tank drops out due to corrosion. Report any discolouration to your plumber, and let them know that it may be TIME FOR A NEW HOT WATER HEATER. 

What happens if you wait?

Deciding to wait to replace or repair your hot water heater can lead to major problems in your home. A leak can turn into major water damage. Sometimes, when a hot water tank has reached the end of its life, it can cause a flood in the utility room. This will lead to expensive water damage. Prevent potential damage and make sure your home has the hot water it needs by reviewing your options for a hot water heater replacement as soon as possible!

Hot Water Heater Installation in MELBOURNE

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