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Plumb Medic maintains highly qualified and certified toilet plumbers. Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays. Contact Plumb Medic for installation and replacement of your new toilet suite.

Regardless of the brand, model or style of toilet suite you own, our toilet plumbers are highly experienced and retain every essential equipment which may require to install each and every toilet suite brands. We can install your entire toilet suite and can able to replace only toilet cistern or toilet bowl .We can even replace your entire existing toilet suite. It entirely relies upon your needs


At Plumb Medic, our plumbers can merely install your previously owned toilet suite. We can able to initiate toilet suite for you, if our trained toilet plumber recommended you to replace your toilet cistern

Initiating you a toilet suite can be easily managed as we retain entire popular brands of toilet suites.

Your appointed plumber will preferably consider your various alternatives on the same day prior restoring and installing your desired toilet suite

You are free to specify your requirement while appointing our professional toilet plumber. Our plumber will carry your desired toilet suite with him.


Primarily Plumb Medic skilled toilet plumbers preserve toilet bowl on the basis of your bathroom floor

Sometimes, we manage to install just a new toilet cistern or toilet bowl. Replacing an entire toilet suite is primarily recommended while making an effort to replace single flush cistern with a dual flush as distinct cistern and bowls usually could not able to act together.

Moreover, we can even promptly and effectively install a new toilet cistern or toilet both according to your requirement

We retain entire favorable brands of cistern and bowl and we usually carry minimum one brand among entire popular brands in our vans every time.

There are a few factors which should be considered while installing your new toilet suite

Silicon is an easiest and preferred procedure to remove toilet bowl. However; this procedure can solely be operated on ground floors. Beside silicone procedure, concrete can be considered, which is considerably rigid to remove

Furthermore, modernize toilet suites are considerably compact than former toilet suites. Therefore, you would eventually view few bare walls or floor behind your latest toilet suite. As we don’t paint or tile, thereby you are entailed to arrange someone who could able to tile or paint your bare walls or floor


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