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On-time Hot Water Plumbers Melbourne

If you need your HOT WATER SYSTEM REPAIRED IN MELBOURNE and its super urgent then please call us rite away. If you also need same day service or simply want to schedule a job for when it best suits your schedule we can arrange and manage a solution that best suits your needs. We are always open and most often can be at your property with in the hour if you need us urgently. So please, call or use our online booking system to arrange a plumb medic HOT WATER SPECIALIST  – available 24/7, all areas – 7 days.

  1. FAST HOT WATER REPAIRS MELBOURNE: We provide fast ON-SITE hot water system repairs and replacements in Melbourne metro, most often we can be there wth in the hour to repair or replace your old system and will call half an hour prior to arrival on site. 
  2. NEW WATER HEATERS: We have expert technicians on hand to offer you the best tailored advise when it comes to hot water system delivery demand that best suits our clients applications. We install, service and repair all major brands of hot water systems in Victoria including HEAT PUMP HOT WATER SYETEM’s & SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS. call us anytime to discuss your hot water needs on 1300988509 
  3. ALL WATER HEATER REPAIRS: Our expert technicians are up to date with the latest servicing techniques and gas safety requirements. we service and repair all major brands of hot water in Melbourne. No Hot Water? No stress, give Plumb Medic A Call and find out why we are one Melbourne fastest growing plumbing company’s. 
  4. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: Our company has built a strong reputation for leading in the industry when it comes to customer and client satisfaction. We recognise that the backbone and success of the any business is its client satisfaction and the way we interact and respect them, it goes both ways. We at plumb medic pride ourselves on always putting the customer first and looking after them day in day out. Whether it is receiving a 5 star review or having a chat over coffee, client feedback & interaction is what makes it all worth while for at the end of the working day. Plumb Medic Australia is all about community.
  5. Offering The Best Tailored HOT WATER Solution: We always take into account all of our clients needs when it comes to designing or choosing the rite hot water system. There’s no point using extra gas or electricity and wasting precious energy when heating your system. Plumb Medic technicians are trained to guide the client into the rite choice when it comes to the system they need taking all things into account. Since a new hot water system is a large investment we try and make sure its cost effective over the lifespan of the entire system taking into account overall annual running costs and long term energy consumption. Once installed or repaired we guarantee your hot water system will work to its optimum capacity both in efficiency and cost effectively.  
  6. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: You can always rely on plumb medic to install your hot to the highest of standards. As a member oft he master plumbers association of Victoria we adhere to highest of standards when it comes to hot water system installation. All of our hot water technicians are fully licensed and all installations come with a safety certificate of compliance guaranteeing the quality of its installation. All of our plumbing work is warrantied for the lifetime of the system. 
  7. REGULAR MAINTENANCE CHECKS: We provide regular maintenance schedules for all hot major water systems brands . We recommend all hot water systems be serviced every 5 years minimum ( internal hot water systems 1 year) as to avoid any major failures and warranty voids. To help with the hot water systems performance and longevity its best leave any servicing to a professional, call us on 1300988509 to schedule your next hot water service. 
  8. ENERGY SAVINGS ON YOUR WATER HEATING : WANT TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? Call us today to discuss the best green friendly hot water system that cuts your energy bills in half and results in a better way of life for us all in the future. We can install new Heat Pump Technology that works by circulating refrigerant to heat your water using no gas and little electricity all year round. coupled with solar panels these hybrid energy efficient home heating systems are the future of reducing our impact on our climate. Call one of our Hot Water Specialists today to discuss your options.

Plumb Medic Australia is committed to applying its hot water expertise to a bright and opportunity filled future. Our mission is to engage honestly and professionally with all with in our realm of community. We will represent a clear vision of industry leadership and excel through innovation and education. Together with our community and clients feedback,  we aim to drive forward and grow towards excellence in the way we are as professional and reliable plumbing company in Melbourne. 

We Quote the Job, Not by the Hour.

Our HOT WATER SERVICES are charged per job completed and not by the hour. Our licensed Hot Water Plumber will access the complete job and then offer the client a total price prior to any work being started. This way, we avoid any confusion on behalf of both the client and our technicians on site and insure there are never any “hidden” fees involved with our work. Call Us Today On 1300988509  

Why Choose Us?

Plumb Medic Australia  (PMA) is a proudly Australian owned and operated company, specialising in providing innovative solutions to all Plumbing assets. Customer-focused, PMA strives to deliver prompt, reliable, high-quality services that offer value for money and continuously put safety at the forefront of all operations. We execute very fast arrival times and always put our clients needs first. Call us anytime to discover the PMA difference ! ph.1300988509

Rapid Or Same Day Service

If you need Hot Water Plumber In Melbourne and the job needs super urgent attention then please call us rite away. If you also need same day service or simply want to schedule a job for when it best suits your needs, Plumb Medic can help arrange and manage a solution that best suits your schedule. We are always open and most often can be at your property with in the hour if you need us urgently. So please, call or use our online booking system to arrange a plumb medic the next time you need superior plumbing & HOT WATER SERVICES 24/7, all areas – 7 days. 

Reliable & Convenient

Plumb Medic has become a super reliable plumbing service along the years of it development.  We started with a small team of employees & soon reached more than 10 employees over the stretch of 6 short years. This is because we never let down the trust of our clients, offer them the most tailored solutions for there needs & are the most cost effective in the industry. If you are looking for any plumbing services in Melbourne then you can always rely on our team. It’s always easy to book Plumber with plumb Medic as our team is super friendly and knowledgable. You can either call or book an appointment through our website or if you just need some pointers or have some questions plumbing related we can always try and help over the phone. All of your plumbing questions will be treated in the best possible way by our team of highly skilled staff and we will also  optimise a plumbing solution that best suits you. Call us today to have friendly chat!

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